Conjure Strike

360° MOBA Mayhem

Don't play a hero -- be one.  Feel the adrenaline rushing as you and three other players fly through vibrant battle arenas using a unique combat and movement system that give you all the excitement and satisfaction of a well timed skillshot or gank, while immersing you in a way traditional team shooters never could 






Choose Your Class

character line up.png

Tank, Support, or Jungle? The choice is yours. Incinerate your foes with your flame thrower, assassinate them with your Vorpal Blade. The Elementalist, Mage Hunter, and Earth Warden classes available at Early Access, each with a different role and play style. With many more planned for launch.


        Strike Fast.


Join the Strike team and experience exhilarating multiplayer battles in virtual reality.  Coming to Oculus Rift Early Access in April. During Early Access Conjure Strike will have three heroes with 4 abilities each,  Capture The Flag arena, and King of the Hill modes available.


Discover More

teams +classes +objectives = Strategery

Gameplay in Conjure Strike is deep and satisfying. Mastery will take effort, skill, and teamwork, but you'll keep coming back for more. 

soar without limits, untether from reality 

Tired of teleportation or dashing? We are too.  We invented a comfortable movement system that seamlessly blends into the 360 degree combat.

Small Team. Big Heart.

We're a small team of developers, doing our best to build games that finally bring VR to the masses.